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The Natural Heating Solution

Introducing the eco-friendly fireplace of the 21st century!

Parkwood's superior range of wood pellet fires is a remarkable innovation in wood heating that is revolutionising the way we heat our homes in the 21st century. Burning wood pellet fuel at near-perfect fuel to air ratios to maintain maximum combustion and operating efficiency, Parkwood pellet fires are among the most efficient solid fuel heating appliances in the world. In addition to providing negligible smoke emissions, the fuel is made from naturally occuring waste material which have a carbon-neutral effect on the environment. Developed in Australia and perfected in New Zealand, Parkwood pellet fires combine the traditional appeal of wood heating with modern clean burning pellet fires.

With a fully automatic ignition system, the Parkwood pellet fire starts in just minutes. There is no stacking or stoking. All the usual fuss, mess and hassles of traditional wood fires is gone. Parkwood fire pellets are packaged in easy to handle 20kg bags — no heavy wood to carry, no cutting, no trail of dust from the wood shed to the fire. The easy refill 23 & 50 kg hoppers eliminate the need to open the firebox door while the fire is burning — pellets are automatically fed into the fire according to the heat setting, and a 20kg bag of pellets can give up to 20 hours of continuous burning.

An elegant appearance with a natural wood flame adds character and warmth to any home décor. You can have the firebox door and / or ash sill in classic black, modern pewter, or stand-out gold. Combine these with environmentally-friendly, warm and efficient heating, and you have a true product of nature positively assisting the reduction of greenhouse gases to protect our children's future.

Traditional wood fire ambience

Wood pellets

Fuelled by wood pellets made from untreated waste sawdust which is pulverised and compressed into clean, dry pellets, Parkwood fires burn with the natural ambience of wood fires at environmentally friendly and near-perfect fuel to air ratios.


Control panel

Parkwood pellet fires save you money while ensuring that you never again wake up in, or return to a cold home. Built-in multi-speed fans and timer, and optional thermostat give you just the right amount of warmth when you need it without burning fuel when you don't.

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